Explore Ondat Features

Setup an Ondat cluster and unleash the power of stateful applications

You'll explore premium data services features that are not available by default in Kubernetes, but are essential to successfully run stateful applications. This track includes: synchronous replication, encryption, and remote volume access.

In this track, you will learn how to:

  • Create a Kubernetes StorageClass defining Ondat features.
  • Deploy stateful applications with Ondat and dynamically change data services configuration.
  • Encrypt your data with Ondat.
  • Remotely access volumes when the application is restarted on a different node.
Component 13 – 1

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Time: 33 mins

Understand the Ondat platform and how to use it to solve persistent storage challenges in Kubernetes. 

Time: 33 mins

Play with the building blocks of Kubernetes to secure your Data. 


Time: 60 mins

Deploy Elasticsearch, Fluentd and Kibanana on Kubernetes without compromise on data availability.


Time: 35 mins

Build a GitOps pipeline to deploy a database-backed stateful application and enforce Kube-Native policies with Kyverno.

Time: 60 mins

Use Terraform modules packaged as AWS Blueprints to deploy an EKS cluster bundled with Ondat distributed storage solution.

Time: 720 mins

Compare performance of EBS and Instance Store volumes. While Instance Storage Volumes are supposed to be ephemeral, they come at a fraction of the cost of EBS Volumes.