First steps with Ondat


Understand the Ondat platform and how to use it to solve persistent storage challenges in Kubernetes.

Setup an Ondat test cluster in a sandbox environment to explore Kubernetes data persistency.

This track demonstrates how to:

  • Deploy an Ondat test cluster on Kubernetes
  • Deploy your first stateful application
  • Explore the difference between stateless and stateful applications
  • Explore replication, failure and recovery operations
Component 13 – 1

Most popular

Time: 30 mins

Setup an Ondat cluster and unleash the power of stateful applications!

Time: 33 mins

Play with the building blocks of Kubernetes to secure your Data.

Time: 60 mins

Deploy Elasticsearch, Fluentd and Kibanana on Kubernetes without compromise on data availability.

Time: 35 mins

Build a GitOps pipeline to deploy a database-backed stateful application and enforce Kube-Native policies with Kyverno.

Time: 60 mins

Compare performance of EBS and Instance Store volumes. While Instance Storage Volumes are supposed to be ephemeral, they come at a fraction of the cost of EBS Volumes.

Time: 60 mins

Use Terraform modules packaged as AWS Blueprints to deploy an EKS cluster bundled with Ondat distributed storage solution.